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Case Study: Driving Results For Asana’s DEI Recruiting in 2022

Updated: May 26, 2022

In 2022, project management platform and SaaS company Asana remained steadfast in their commitment to diverse and inclusive hiring practices.

One of the biggest issues in this space is that many companies who are very much committed to hiring diverse candidates don’t have a reliable process in place for driving targeted career website traffic and qualified applications. In early 2022 Asana tasked The Long Tail Agency with delivering a hyper focused, full scale campaign that would drive qualified applications from Black, Women, and Hispanic candidates. The open roles were primarily on product engineering, sales, and marketing teams.

First… The Long Tail Agency worked directly with Asana to establish a brief, determine core messaging pillars, and develop audience targeting strategies. Once these core items were in place, we developed a cohesive, creative plan which included video testimonials, anthem videos, podcast commercial audio, and original graphic assets.

With the creative direction approved, our team got to work - making sure that every asset communicated exactly how welcoming, nurturing, and inclusive the Asana work environment really was. Our creative strategy was to lean into the experiences of Asana’s diverse employees from a personal lens while telling their stories in the look and feel of the brand.

Campaign Anthem Video

Testimonial Video

Career Carousels

With over 30 original assets approved and ready for launch, our performance marketing team delivered a multi - platform paid media plan complete with audience targeting groups, ad copy variations, and budgets. After launching campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify, we were able to make daily and weekly strategic optimizations which allowed the best performing combinations of audience and creative options to thrive. In addition to managing full scale performance media campaigns, we curated digital media partnerships with Black Enterprise, which leveraged targeted email blasts, branded social posts and sponsored editorial

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In 3 months, we were able to drive over 11 Million targeted impressions and 9500 qualified applications from the desired target audiences. This campaign was a huge success from an awareness, traffic and conversions standpoint and we are happy to do our part to make an impact in the diversity and inclusion recruiting space!

If your team is looking to deploy tactical, cohesive and creative solutions that drive results, please reach out to

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